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2007-11-19 14:18:02 by CicadaAnim

Not really a news post, but something to fill up the emptiness of my page.

My name's Brian (goes by Cicada in forums), I'm a stick figure animator. I'm not too bad at fullbody but I never really have the patience for that. So far, I've been working on mostly collaborations, with a few shorts here and there. I'm working on a secret animation with some fellow animators that will hopefully blow your guys' minds when it is released. Well, that's it for now.



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2007-11-20 19:46:46

Hey wassup XD


2007-11-26 00:24:56

Hay, its Inanimate. I left the sites, and MSN, because I had to. Mums laptop got a virus, and they blamed the sites, and I feel rightfully. Talk here?


2007-12-12 08:30:18

redogre here, just dropping a thanx to you from me for the entertaining collab on portal you did.


2008-01-26 03:04:44

Lol hey Brian.