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Sk8r B0i is up!

2008-06-12 01:22:56 by CicadaAnim

It's done. After 2 days of work, it's done! Mostly it was fun with voicework and such. It was quite fun to do and I look forward to doing more of those types of movies. Note that this movie isn't exactly the peak of my animation or art skills. At all.



2007-11-19 14:18:02 by CicadaAnim

Not really a news post, but something to fill up the emptiness of my page.

My name's Brian (goes by Cicada in forums), I'm a stick figure animator. I'm not too bad at fullbody but I never really have the patience for that. So far, I've been working on mostly collaborations, with a few shorts here and there. I'm working on a secret animation with some fellow animators that will hopefully blow your guys' minds when it is released. Well, that's it for now.